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McChesney JD, Nikoulin I, Bannister SJ, Rodenburg DL, Inventors; Arbor Therapeutics, LLC, assignee. Nanoparticulate Compositions for Targeted Delivery of Acid Labile, Lipophilic Prodrugs of Cancer Chemotherapeutics and Their Preparation. United States patent 9,468,603. 2016/10/18.


In one embodiment, the present application discloses synthetic LDL nanoparticles comprising mixtures of components selected from the group consisting of phospholipids, triglycerides, cholesterol ester and free cholesterol; optionally further comprising an agent selected from the group consisting of natural antioxidants, ubiquinol and vitamin E, and methods for preparing the synthetic nanoparticles. The disclosed synthetic LDL nanoparticles are capable of selectively delivering lipophilic drugs and prodrugs to cellular targets expressing LDL receptors after intra venous injection.


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